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We in Whitehaven are sitting astride massive seams of top quality metallurgical coal essential at the present time for the global production of steel. This is not to be confused with the domestic coal that is mined throughout the world on a daily basis much to the disappointment of those concerned with the present climate debate. Steel is recognised as an essential commodity within our society and the pursuit of global climate control.

WCM has so far invested over £35,000,000 and has been supported from all sides of the political spectrum during the three planning appeals, with all environmental objections carefully answered appropriately. Jobs totalling 500 within the mine directly and up to 1500 within the supply chain are estimated. The future of our town and the local area would benefit significantlt for years to come.

The plans have been continually challenged by various pressure groups who see the mine as increasing Britain’s carbon emissions and must be stopped at all costs It almost appears as a sacrificial lamb, whilst ignoring the massive international production of all types of coal elsewhere, dwarfing the proposed output within West Cumbria of coking coal. Little recognition is given to the environmental benefits of this production counterbalancing the negative climate effects of the global sea transportation required within the UK and the EU of imported coking coal for steel production.

Members of Whitehaven Town Council have supported the plans throughout the process viewing it as essential for future employment.

On 1st April 2021 the Council agreed to set up a petition and ask residents in our area to sign our petition at to support the plan being put before the Inspector in September to show the strength of local support to a project that is a positive contribution locally, nationally and internationally in both economic and environmental terms.

Councillor Brian O’Kane Councillor Julie Rayson Councillor Edwin Dinsdale

Councillor Raymond Gill Councillor Chris Hayes Councillor Charles Maudling

Councillor Graham Roberts Councillor Carl Walmsley Councillor Louise Walmsley


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