About our councillors

Whitehaven Town Council is made up of 12 Councillors and supported by their Clerk/ Responsible Financial Officer and an Assistant Town Clerk. 

Cllr Brian O'Kane

Mayor of Whitehaven

Representing Whitehaven Central North Ward

Telephone: 07740 084208



Cllr Julie Rayson

Deputy Mayor of Whitehaven

Representing Hillcrest Ward

Telephone: 07738858393

Email: Hillcrest.julie@gmail.com


Mrs Marlene Jewell

Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer

Telephone: 01946 67366

Email: clerk@whitehaventowncouncil.co.uk

Mrs Vanessa Gorley

Assistant Town Clerk

Telephone: 01946 67366

Email: clerk@whitehaventowncouncil.co.uk

Cllr Graham Roberts

Representing Harras Ward

Telephone: 07812 707271

Email: Graham.roberts1952@gmail.com

Cllr Charles Maudling

Representing Whitehaven Central Ward


Email: Charlycontemporary@yahoo.co.uk

Cllr Chris Hayes

Representing Kells Ward

Telephone: 07984293886

Email: hayes.chris4@gmail.com

Cllr Carla Arrighi

Representing Whitehaven South Ward

Telephone: 07817390769

Email: carla.arrighi@gmail.com


Cllr Edwin Dinsdale

Representing Corkickle South Ward

Telephone: 07803349251

Email: edwindinsdale1@sky.com

Cllr Gemma Dinsdale

Representing Corkickle North Ward

Telephone: 07908180797

Email: dinsdale556@gmail.com

Cllr Ryan Redmond

Representing Sneckyeat North Ward

Telephone: 01946 66079

Email: ry87ipod@icloud.com

Cllr Raymond Gill

Representing Sneckyeat South Ward

Telephone: 07927 705763

Email: raymond.gill16@yahoo.co.uk

Cllr Carl Walmsley

Representing Mirehouse East Ward

Telephone: 07868 178919

Email: wammowalmsleychair@gmail.com

Cllr Louise Walmsley

Representing Mirehouse West Ward

Telephone: 07859894498

Email: mrswammo@gmail.com

Promotion of Equality & Respect for Others | Objectivity & Propriety | Selflessness & Stewardship | Integrity | Duty to uphold the law | Accountability & Openness

Registered Office: 148 Queen Street, Whitehaven, Cumbria, CA28 7AZ

Office: 01946 67366/ 01946 66992 | Email: Clerk@whitehaventowncouncil.co.uk 

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